Dreams Do Come True!


Viviane is a BBI kid. Today she is the director of the hospital that serves the towns and villages in a remote area of Colombia where she grew up.  Hers is a remarkable story.

Viviane grew up in a remote Colombian village called Velez. Her adoptive parents are the village pastors.  It is a very small village, just a collection of bamboo huts and a couple of dirt streets.  When she graduated from the high school in the nearest town, Viviane wanted to continue her education. She had a dream to study at a medical university and become a bacteriologist. She understood that much sickness in rural Colombia could be prevented if the people had a better understanding of the effects of bacteria. She wanted to earn a medical degree and then return to her home area to serve the people of the villages.

Viviane had a wonderful dream, but it seemed impossible. As pastors of a poor village, her adoptive parents received little money. At times they struggled even to have enough to eat. And the five-year program at the medical university cost several thousand dollars per year.

Fortunately, Viviane, and her dream to help her people came to the attention of Bridge Builders International. BBI donors sponsored Viviane through all ten semesters. She studied hard, became a bacteriologist and returned to work in clinics that served the villages. For several years Viviane continued in that role.

A few years ago Viviane came to us with another dream that would enable her to impact medical care to the villagers on a larger scale. She wanted to take an advanced course of study in medical management. But the cost was beyond her ability to pay. Again BBI donors sponsored her. She did very well and completed the course.


Today Viviane is the director of the hospital that serves her home region and is improving the level of medical care for that region.

All of this was made possible through faithful support from partners like you. Thank you!

Levi State