Bridge Builders International

Our Vision 

Our vision is for children in developing nations to break free from the limitations of their environment and have full, free, and productive lives. (John 5:24; 10:10)

To achieve this, BBI endeavors to strengthen and encourage the indigenous ministries that are compassionately and effectively ministering to those children. While linking resources in the USA with ministry in Latin America, BBI forms a bridge between those ministries and caring people who have the means to help.


“We are breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and spiritual darkness through the Hope of Christ and the Opportunity offered through a quality education."

— Jerry Morris


Our Mission

The primary focus of BBI is HOPE and OPPORTUNITY for children in developing nations. BBI networks with churches, Christian schools, corporations, and individuals in the USA to connect them with ministries in Latin America. Along with these institutions and individuals, BBI works hand-in-hand with Latin American ministries to share the Gospel, and to provide education, food, clothing, and medical care to those in need. This involves the following outreaches:

  1. Directing evangelistic, medical, and construction missions teams to Latin America

  2. Organizing teams of Christian school educators to mentor national teachers

  3. Providing teaching materials and educational opportunities for rural school teachers in developing nations

  4. Channeling and distributing funds to national ministries for capital improvement

  5. Coordinating a student assistance program

  6. Donating shoes, clothing, school supplies, food, and nutrition supplements to Latin American school children

  7. Seeking opportunities for Latin American students to attend Christian universities and Bible schools

  8. Furnishing ministry opportunities for Latin American youth to serve on missions teams


"Bridge Builders International hopes to bridge the gap between the needs of the people and ministries in Latin America, and the resources, finances, and manpower available in the US."


Ministry Objectives 

Recognizing the great need in Latin America and the importance of nationally-based ministries, Bridge Builders International aims to support and encourage ministries that are focused on serving the needs of children who live in circumstances of spiritual darkness, poverty, and illiteracy. As Aaron and Hur lifted up Moses' arms during battle (Exodus 17:12), so BBI endeavors to lift up the arms of selected ministries in Latin America. The purpose of BBI is to bridge the gap between the needs of the people and ministries in Latin America, and the resources, finances, and manpower available in the US. 

BBI carries out its purpose by assisting Latin American Christian schools; sponsoring students ranging from primary school to university age; conducting missions teams that serve in areas of evangelism, construction, education, and medicine; and channeling and distributing equipment and funds to national ministries and missionaries.