Bridge Builders International

From Our Partners


Gary & Judy Jackson

“We have been with BBI from the beginning and have been continuously amazed by the way that this small ministry has been able to use relatively meager resources to positively affect the lives of so many people. The Aaron and Hur concept of supporting indigenous ministries has resulted in existing ministries being strengthened and new ones planted, schools and micro industries being built, feeding programs being established, and countless lives being impacted by the love of God through the touch of His servants. We believe that Bridge Builders serves "the least of these" and that in so doing touches the heart of God.”

Bill & Rita Bartlett

There is no shortage of charitable places all of us can place our resources. But we like to support smaller ministries where the principal players have what we call "boots on the ground". Jerry and his team are all intimately involved in each project taken on by BBI. There is prayerful consideration of every opportunity presented, and careful oversight of every dollar spent. This is possible because for Jerry and his team this ministry is not just a job, but rather a calling. A calling to improve the lives of myriads of people through meeting educational, physical, emotional and spiritual needs with material support and compassion. We have witnessed incredible miracles through this ministry proving first Corinthians 2:5,  "that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God".