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The effects of poverty on children and their families are all-encompassing and often lead to lifelong struggles. Poverty and education are closely linked because most people living in poverty have to stop going to school so they can work. This often results in low literacy and numeracy skills, things needed to further their careers and quality of life. As a result, their children, in turn, are in similar situations years later, with little to no income and very few options they leave school to help the family gain finances. BBI aims to help families, especially children, escape the cycle of poverty through various educational opportunities.


Current Schools In Operation

  • HOPE School (Special Needs) | Honduras

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Education may be important but unfortunately it’s not free. In order to provide hope and opportunity for children in need, we sponsor children at various stages of their educational career. Currently, we sponsor children in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions. Sponsorship helps these children pay for the various costs that are associated with obtaining an education: tuition, uniforms, books, meals, etc.


Education is a powerful tool that can be used to end the effects of poverty and give a child what is needed for a brighter future. However, if all we gave was an opportunity for education without giving them an opportunity to know and experience Jesus, can we really say that we have done them a service. BBI is committed to sharing the true hope found in Jesus, as such we want to afford our students with as many opportunities as possible to them to exercise their gifting for the Kingdom. For some, this means ongoing biblical and practical ministry training to help ensure the Hope of Christ is offered to many more.


BBI was birthed from a single trip to Colombia in 1995, since that time, BBI has taken many trips to Latin America, many of which have involved many of our partners. We believe every person should participate in at least one mission trip in their lifetime. It's through a short-term mission trip that God can begin to transform our world-views, causing us to bring change into every area of our lives. We welcome anyone who desires to Come, learn, and give of their time, energy and resources for those in need we can guarantee that you will be forever transformed.


BBI is a ministry built on relationships, as such, when various needs come to our attention, we pray while asking questions to best see how we can assist the project(s) already underway. We commonly help churches and schools build safe places for children to come, learn and grow. We are also committed to helping families obtain essential resources, such as food, water, clothing, and medical care. If you are interested in the needs needing to be met please sign up for the newsletter or call the main office.